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Aziah 'Zola' Wells said there's a reason why Taylour Paige shows more nudity in 'Zola' than Riley Keough: 'That was intentional'

I just love that in our art, there are still infinite possibilities and infinite discoveries for yourself.

  • A teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming A24 movie Zola, starring in the title role.

  • We think a lot of people in the music world will take part.

I want to break the ceiling, but I also truly want to bridge the gap.

  • I love sitting at coffee shops with a notebook and observing people and their mannerisms, and wondering, what is that person thinking? We decided she was a Scorpio, so I did research on how Scorpios act and how they protect themselves.

  • I was 14 and doing a musical with Debbie Allen, and she invited this man, Stan Rogow, who produced Lizzie McGuire, to our rehearsal.

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