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At SummerSlam 1998, Sable and her mystery partner, federation newcomer Edge, defeated Marc Mero and Jacqueline in a mixed tag team match.

  • And he revealed he began drinking and snorting cocaine as early as 11-years-old as an escape.

  • For whatever reason, she probably gave us the most lasting sexualized image of the Attitude Era with the moment she took off her top to show nothing but hands painted on her breasts as part of a bikini contest against Jacqueline at Fully Loaded in 1998.

On top of that, who wants to see sixty-seven-year-old smacking lips with a twenty-nine-year-old? The segment was rather uncomfortable to watch and also featured a wardrobe malfunction which went viral pretty quickly.

  • According to rumors, Lita cheated on Matt while he was out with an injury.

  • Thankfully, his veteran instincts kicked in and Taker immediately threw his jacket off limiting the burns.

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