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Model Chocolate

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Meet: Abigail O’Neill, author of Model Chocolate

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The Tale Of Abigail, Charlotte, Rory & Ryan O'Neill

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Playboy’s May 2019 Playmate Abigail O’Neil says she slept in her car before finding fame with mag

Oneill model abigail The Tale

My above mentioned homemade green superfood powder.

  • It's the light in the eyes, the smile, and radiant health I really admire.

  • Liked the out of the box perspective about sun exposure.

Time with my mum and extended family.

  • This is really difficult as our bodies are so wholly integrated and every aspect of our lifestyle is so important for achieving optimum health that lasts a lifetime.

  • Strawberries, cherry guava and passionfruit are beyond divine in winter, while fresh squeezed citrus juices, mint or vanilla are amazing with summer melon juices.

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